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Triune Godhead the Fourth Element  

Most everyone that believes in a life after death wonders what they will be doing in eternity.  We speculate on this and other spiritual concepts based on limited information provided in the Bible and other historical writings.  The Apostle Paul wrote, “we see through a dark glass” the things of the spirit realm, so mankind has never had a concrete picture of spiritual concepts.

One concept is the composition of God.  Is God one or many spirits, a single entity that sits on a great throne, or the substance of everything in the physical universe?  This subject is traditionally known as the Godhead Theology.  The details are argued among PhD’s of theology.  This book follows the basic Christian Catholic and Protestant view of the Trinity while contemplating God’s framework and man’s relationship to Him.  And will this relationship continue to mature into eternity?

"Triune Godhead the Fourth Element"
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